REVIEW – Joker by Echo Arcadia

Echo Arcadia

Echo Arcadia

It’s a long time since we’ve been able to use the word ‘crystalline‘ in a review, but Joker, the new single from Edinburgh indie pop group Echo Arcadia deserves the use of the word.

Sparkling and freshly polished from its recording at The Depot a few days ago by Edinburgh producer Garry Boyle, the track uses layers of shimmering guitar and Leigh and Siobhan’s atmospheric vocal harmonies to create a multi-faceted little nugget of poppiness.

All this builds up to a classic vocal refrain which we guarantee you will be singing in the shower, on the way to work, shopping at the supermarket and everywhere else until all your friends tell you to shut up (or until they get their own copy).

A band who are going from strength to strength, Echo Arcadia’s next live appearance is on 5th March at The Bongo Club, where they will be headlining a four-band bill and letting Joker‘s refrain burrow into your head along with the rest of their set.

As an added bonus, the band will be giving away exclusive hard copies of the single (plus unique artwork) to the first 50 people to buy a ticket for the gig – get in touch with them on their Facebook page to reserve a ticket plus this exclusive collectors item (which you can then use to put your iPod on).

And we’ve just realised we never actually used the word ‘crystalline‘ after all. Phew.

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