EVENT – Edinburgh Secret Society, Friday 18th February 2011

Third meeting of the Edinburgh Secret Society, Friday 18th February 2011. An Evening of Death.

Pic courtesy of Edinburgh Secret Society

The Edinburgh Secret Society is fast becoming the talk of the town. Run by Professor Richard Wiseman and Dr Peter Lamont the Secret Society had its inaugural event in December last year followed by two sold-out evenings last week (same subject).

The third event in the Society’s calender being held on Friday 18th February 2011, 8pm – 9.30pm. Tickets are now sold out.

Anatomy Lecture Theatre

The February meeting will be held in Edinburgh University’s Anatomy Lecture  Theatre, a building rarely open to the public.  Built in the late 1880s, this amazing venue contains steeply raked seats rising above a central dissecting table and is where the Edinburgh Secret Society will celebrate an ‘evening of death’.

This meeting is definitely exploring ‘the darker side of the human psyche’ as we were told at the end of the self-improvement event last week.

The Edinburgh Secret Society explains what to expect:  “We shall wonder  at the strangest of manifestations from beyond the grave, hear the  true story of the man who cheated death, and experience directly a  Victorian machine first created to talk to the dead. There will also  be a live operation, and some surprisingly haunting melodies to  enliven every body”.

And as if the above wasn’t frightening enough, the date just happens to be on the evening of a full moon!

We’ve adhered to the Society’s rules and have not reviewed past events we’ve attended.  There are no records of the meetings.  If you want to know what happens on the night, then you have to be there.

We suggest that you subscribe to the Edinburgh Secret Society via their blog and be notified by email tickets going on sale and future meetings.

All details can be found on the Edinburgh Secret Society website.

‘The king cannot be saved, the king cannot make custard’


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