REVIEW – Sweet, Bruntsfield

Bruntsfield Sweet shop

Sweet arrives in Bruntsfield

There’s a new sweet shop in Bruntsfield with a very apt name.

As soon as we heard it was open, we headed to Bruntsfield Place to check out the sugary option in Sweet.

As I entered the shop, my eyes scanned high and low for all my childhood favourites.  There were Wham bars, lipstick candies, flumps, kola kubes and most other  sweets you could think of.

I was ever so slightly disappointed when I visited that there were no Chelsea Whoppers, but since the weekend, the Sweet facebook page announced they now have them in stock.

*update* Kremola Fizz, the new Creamola foam is now instock. It is £1.50 for 50g in four flavours and it’s flying out the door.  It really does taste like the real thing for all those old enough to remember it the first time around!

I collected some of my favourites together and devoured them all on Saturday night with the help of the mini Spotlight members.  Parma Violets are definitely an acquired taste but the rest of the rest of the retro sweets went down a treat.

Prices are average for the goods and there are 50p lucky bags to choose from alongside the ability to fill your own little jar for £3.99.  There is also the option to buy a jar of sweets (different bags) with your own private message.

It would be really hard to walk past this place without paying it a visit and as it irons out its stock and meets various sweetie demands, will be an excellent place to stock up on sugary treats.

Info:  104 Bruntsfield Place.  Open Monday – Saturday 10am to 5pm.  Closed Sundays.
Suitable for disabled?  Yes, ground access with ample room inside.

Sweet haul

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