REVIEW – Luminous Skies by Jamie Primrose, Dundas St Gallery

Luminous Skies by Jamie Primrose

Luminous Skies by Jamie Primrose

Luminous Skies is Edinburgh-based contemporary artist Jamie Primrose’s last exhibition of 2011 before he concentrates on building up his body of work for next year.

Here, he fills Dundas St Gallery with a shimmering collection of Scottish seascapes, each piece emphasising the beauty and majesty of the sky as it reflects on water or wet sand below.

Most of the works here are oils, ranging in size and format from small square studies to the feature work, Luminous Skies itself, a large-scale dramatic depiction of light piercing through a gigantic spiral of cloud above the west coast of Scotland.

Winter Skies Over Tyninghame

Winter Skies Over Tyninghame

The subjects are divided between east and west, with the former focusing on the subtletly and tranquility of pastel skies above calm waters around East Lothian. The beaches of Gullane, Tyninghame and North Berwick are depicted with subdued and understated tones which blend smoothly into each other, capturing the cool light and atmosphere of the seas in winter.

As the works continue through the gallery, the skies and tones darken as Primrose shifts his attention to the more tumultuous clouds and seas of the west coast, predominantly around Eriska and Lismore. With Constable and especially Turner as obvious reference points, the oils swirl and dance with sweeping strokes as they evoke all the power and majesty of the umistakably Scottish light and scenery.

Each of the paintings is based on photographs taken by Primrose in winter; some within minutes of each other. These hang together, creating a painted timelapse representation of a brief moment in time with a striking and fascinating impact.

The whole exhibition is well-curated as ever by the artist himself. Standing in the gallery, the overall effect is of being within a boat with many windows: each one offering a glimpse of a masterfully-captured seascape glowing with colours, tones and the light which Primrose obviously loves.

Luminous Skies is at the Dundas St Gallery until 13 November.

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