Edinburgh’s Christmas Preview – Nativity Scene, St Andrew Square

Edinburgh's Nativity Scene

A feature of Edinburgh’s Christmas since 2003, Tim Chalk’s Nativity Scene this year returns to its home in St Andrew Square gardens.

Although it attracted some initial criticism and controversy when first installed above the Floral Clock in Princes Street Gardens, the piece is now as much a part of the city’s Christmas as the Edinburgh Wheel or the Norwegian Tree on the Mound.

A life-size sculpture, it depicts a family taking shelter in a ramshackle shed, with the Mary figure clutching her newborn child close, a look of forlorn contemplation on her face. Tim Chalk, the sculptor, aimed to have his piece provoke question and challenge by shying away from the traditional representation of the scene, instead presenting a timeless and poignant work which could be placed anywhere at any time.

The Nativity Scene will be on display from November 28th until 4th January in St Andrew Square.

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