REVIEW – Good With People (A Play, A Pie & A Pint), Traverse Theatre


Ghosts walk the corridors of the Seaview Hotel in David Harrower’s poignant and powerful Good With People, the last of The Traverse’s Play, Pie & A Pint autumn season.

Though – even with Halloween around the corner – this is no supernatural piece. The ghosts are those of Helen’s and Evan’s past: spirits born around a shared pivotal experience over a decade old, and conjured up again as the pair are reunited in a chance encounter.

Blythe Duff will be familiar to many as DS Jackie Reid in ITV’s Taggart. Here, as the middle-aged hotel worker on the brink of crisis, she portrays Helen as understated and defeated, still healing from past wounds.

Her performance is mirrored by that of Andrew Scott-Ramsay, a wonderfully expressive and physical actor, who plays the young, amoral Evan with a fascinating and magnetic allure.

As the initial humour of the situation gives way to tangible and uncomfortable tension, Helen and Evan’s ghosts are finally put to rest in a tightly-scripted, taught piece which lingers in the mind and proves to be the highlight of the autumn Play, A Pie & A Pint season.

BONUS PIE REVIEW – Perhaps alone amongst the repertoire, the vegetarian haggis pie stands up well to a repeat performance, its spicy nuances rewarding a second helping.

Ticket information is available on the Traverse website.

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