INTERVIEW – The OK Social Club

Sitting in their ‘spiritual home’ – The Royal Mile Tavern – The OK Social Club are in optimistic mood.

Raff of The OK Social Club

Raff of The OK Social Club

“We’ve had a lot of interest shown in the latest EPs,” says Raff, the band’s laid-back and friendly frontman, “and we’ve got loads of gigs lined up all over the country.”

“Though we’re under no illusions,” says Chris, the most recent member of the band. “We’re not millionaires yet!”

“We do feel as if we’ve cracked Edinburgh though,” adds Rick, the band’s drummer. “And if we can make it here…”

Indeed, The OK Social Club do stand a great chance of being able to make it anywhere. Although Raff & Rick have been playing together since 2005 (“playing some bad & terrible songs”, says Raff, laughing at the memory), the band feel as though they’ve really taken off in the last 18 months.

“We stopped playing our old stuff and wrote a lot of new material,” says Raff. “We were a trio for a while, which didn’t really work – then Chris joined us last year and we’ve never looked back.”

The OK Social Club have been compared to bands like The Strokes and The Cribs, with their punk-fuelled melodic tunes and driving rhythms.

“I don’t think we sound like anyone,” says Raff. “Those bands influences are there, but we all bring different things to our sound. I love a lot of the Motown stuff, for instance.”

“I’m drawn to anything with a good rhythm,” says Rick, smiling.

“I loved Muse and the Manics when I was younger,” says Chris. “But then The Libertines really had an impact on me – they proved anyone could form a band and make a go of it – really break down the barriers.”

Chris of The OK Social Club

Chris of The OK Social Club

You can hear all those influences in the band’s music, but the end result is still unmistakably The OK Social Club – a sound that’s becoming increasingly popular on the local scene – and beyond.

“We love Edinburgh,” says Raff. “We’ll play anywhere – we really love places like this and The Mitre, as well as the larger venues.”

That attitude’s paid off for them, and the band now have a sizable loyal support in the city. Their recent EP launch attracted a crowd of over 300 people – fans of the band, newcomers who’d heard about them, and friends in other bands.

“Yeah, there is an Edinburgh scene we feel part of,” says Raff. “Stevie (Bolton, the frontman of The 10:04s) is my cousin; so we kinda grew up with them, and the Nature Boys.”

“The Pose Victorious guys are all good mates as well – we all go to each other’s gigs and support each other wherever we can.”

They’re realising it’s time to get themselves heard outside the capital though.

“We’re really concentrating on the music now,” says Chris. “It’s a lot of work and can be chaotic at times – and we’re getting more selective about what gigs we do play.”

“We’re not taking anything for granted either,” says Rick. “The great thing about this band – and Jess, our manager – is that we’re all a team. Everyone pulls together.”

Club by name, club by nature.

With this attitude and a work ethic to back up their sound, the band really don’t have anything to stop them taking it all the way.

So, join The OK Social Club now and you can tell all your mates you were amongst the first lucky members.

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STOP PRESS: The band are looking for a new bass player – anyone interested should get in touch with them on their MySpace or Facebook using the links above

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