INTERVIEW – Casino Queen

Connor & Stewart of Casino Queen

Connor & Stewart of Casino Queen

“Loud, dark and noisy.”

That’s Stewart’s response when asked to sum up Casino Queen in three words.

Stewart and Connor have been together for two years, playing their unique mix of noised-up blues-tinged rock.

“We don’t see ourselves as part of any scene,” says Stewart. “We do this for ourselves.”

Connor nods. He’s quiet during the interview, but onstage he’s possessed by the black spirit of Casino Queen’s live sound, fronting the duo with his mesmeric guitar and stream of consciousness vocals.

Behind him, Stewart treats the drumkit like a wild animal needing tamed: hammering at it pneumatically and with seemingly reckless energy to create rhythms which help create the band’s soundscape.

“I guess you could call it avant-garde,” says Stewart, referring to their sound. “It’s all about the noise.”

Later that evening, they put their noise where their mouth is, creating music which is at times brutal, at times beguiling – but always compelling. It’s obvious from the crowd reaction that some people don’t ‘get it’ – but the pair don’t really mind…or care.

“We’ve got a fairly loyal and cultish following,” says Stewart. “And we’ve got loads of gigs lined up too.”

So it’s likely their following will continue to grow. As well as gigging hard, Casino Queen are also working on recorded material – four separate releases which will add up to a ‘quadrilogy’.

“They are concept albums!” says Stewart, laughing. “I guess it is quite arty. Our logo’s a circle, and as we release the albums, we’ll fill it in, a quarter at a time.”

It’s a cool idea, and will certainly give focus to their recorded work, and will likely appeal to those cultish completists the band have attracted.

As they continue with their plans – punctuated with their loud, dark and noisy live gigs – Casino Queen prove themselves to be a band definitely worth placing a bet on.

Check out Casino Queen on MySpace.

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