FEATURE – Tea Tree Tea, Bread Street, Edinburgh

Tea Tree Tea, Bread Street, Edinburgh


Tea Tree Tea in Bread Street is one of our favourites places in town to work from and conduct meetings – as well as starting the day with a hearty bowl of porridge and some relaxing time in the afternoon involving cake.  The owners Drew and Jamie were kind enough to be our first Spotlight feature when we launched last year, so as a thank you to them, we spoke to them in a professional capacity regarding the life of Tea Tree Tea in the last year. 

It’s been a busy year for us – how has it been been for you ?

Yeah it’s been great!  Sales are up on last year, the cafe  is busy and we keep just driving onwards.  We’ve got some new teas in – which are proving really popular.  Jamie is now making all our cakes himself, so we have a refreshed range on offer including gluten free options.   Some of our highlights include a  mention in Ian Rankin’s book The Complaints as well a great festival season welcoming tourists and performers to the cafe.   Drew’s twins celebrated their first birthday, all our retail tea is now re-branded and we both managed to find the time for a haircut too!    

Excellent cakes


Your exhibitions have been of really good quality this last year and are giving people the chance to get noticed – has the feedback from customers been good?  

Generally customers love the ever-changing art exhibitions.  As we know many of customers well now – they have become more candid however – so they are quick to say what art they like and the stuff they don’t like.   That’s what art is all about though – splitting opinion.  Everyone seemed to like the nude photo exhibition (well we certainly did!) 

What’s new on the menu for Autumn and Winter?

Lots of new teas and drinks as well as a new range of cakes including gluten free options.  This season we are offering Macadamia Hot Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice Tea Latte and Toffee Crunch Latte as our hot drinks promos. Some new teas we are stocking include Gen Mai Cha and Green Tea with Aloe Vera and Rose.  Both are fabulous. As we head towards Christmas look out for the awesome Bubbly Jock Panini and the Dark Chocolate Ginger Crunch cake. 

Remember that buying our new range of teas such as Funky Oolong, Girly Tea or Man Tea can make a great gift for a loved one.  You can buy in the shop or online at www.teatreetea.com 


Tea makes an ideal gift


What’s next on the agenda for Tea Tree Tea brand? 

It’s going to be all about the new range.  We hope to fill shelves in delis and grocers up and down the land with our cheeky new range of teas!  We just want tea to be a bit edgier and more exciting than many brands are at the moment.   The actual franchise document is still a work in progress. 

With the cold weather in full force now, is there any reason, that the boys of Tea Tree Tea wear shorts throughout the winter as well?

Aye – the panini grill, oven, coffee machine, dishwasher and fridges all blow out hot air (bit like us really), which means behind the counter is ROASTIN!   It has nothing to do with the fact that Drew and I think we have legs that we should show to the people of Edinburgh. 

Thanks for the catch up lads.  

“You’re treated as friend rather than customer
Ian Rankin

We know that Ian Rankin frequents the boys’ cafe from time to time and asked him what he thought of the place. He told us: “Tea Tree Tea brings the bonhomie of a good pub to the cafe scene of Edinburgh.  You’re treated as friend rather than customer, the staff soon get to know your likes and dislikes, and the food’s pretty good, too.” 

You can follow the Tea Tree Tea blog   and join their new facebook fan page

New range of teas

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