PREVIEW – The Dress Affair, The GRV, 7-11 Sep, 19:30

The Dress Affair

The Dress Affair

Created organically and collaboratively, The Dress Affair is a reflection of Tightlaced Theatre’s vision and ethos – to provide a platform for new writing and theatrical works from Edinburgh’s rich pool of creative talent.

Deputy Artistic Director Flavia D’Avila first read “O Caso do Vestido” – a poem by Brazil’s ‘national poet’ Carlos Drummond de Andrade – to the creative team.

Reciting it to them in its native Portuguese, the lyrical tones of the original inspired musicians Ian & Declan to create an original score to accompany it; artistic & lighting director Alex to visualise the piece; and costume designer JoJo Lewis to design and make the dress of the title.

The poem was then handed to resident writer Rob David, who took its themes of memory, obsession and magic and reframed it as The Dress Affair. Then, in an intense 2-week period of workshops, the actors were finally brought in – Danielle Farrow and Andrew Henry’s interpretations and suggestions being an integral part of the creative process, causing the piece to shift and change into its current shape.

Indeed, at this stage, new characters were born – including that of The Dress itself, which – although custom-made for Danielle – seemed to take on a life and motivation of its own.

The Dress Affair has been accused of highlighting and glorifying misogyny. And whilst it is undeniable that the main male character shows little sympathy towards his embittered wife; and the piece explores the position of women in a patriarchal society, the intent has been to produce an original and compelling work with a powerful emotional tone which will resonate with many.

You will have the chance to discover for yourself next week, when this collaboratively-devised and multi-layered production opens for a 5-night run at The GRV in Guthrie Street.

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