FRINGE REVIEW – Rhythm of the Drums: Song of the Cicada (Universal Arts)


Aug 22
1340-1440, Universal Arts

The Dong and Miao minorities of south-western China have a strong tradition of singing and dancing in their culture, from songs of celebration and courtship, to folk tunes with a proud and joyful air.

The performers from Rhythm of the Drums are a colourful and spectacular sight as they take to the stage in the New Town Theatre; the women in exquisite headdresses and costumes covered in bells, and the men in silk tunics and carrying ethnic instruments.

When all 14 voices sing in polyphonic unison, the effect is tingling in the same way as some Eastern European ensembles; when they dance, joyously evoking the spirit of their home region and its rich cultural heritage, the impact is irrestibly upbeat and uplifting.

Although drums are few and far between despite the show’s title, the spectacle alone is enough to delight and entertain for the show’s length, giving a rare opportunity to witness this particularly exuberant slice of Chinese culture first-hand.

Ticket information is available on the Universal Arts website.

Review by Keith D

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