FRINGE REVIEW – Wolf (Just The Tonic @ The Caves)


16 – 29 August (not 17)
1215 – 1315, Just The Tonic at The Caves

Wolves walk amongst us in this original and beguiling interactive experience from Authentic Artist Collective.

As we are led into a dark and incense-filled cave, we become conscious of strange beings in our midst. Moving with measured intent and animal grace, the performers – in simple yet effective costumes of fur-lined clothing and tails – circle us, sniffing at us or playing with any loose-hanging items we have brought into their lair.

Then, for the next hour, every aspect of man’s fascination with his lupine cousins is explored: from the fairytales and myths of legend, through the complex psychoanlaytical symbolism of lycanthropy, to a well-delivered central message of the wisdom of attempting to reintroduce the creatures to the wild.

Performances from the ensemble pack of wolf-people are strong. After the first few minutes, their physicality and sounds are enough to allow suspension of disbelief; whilst their spoken lines – and songs and poetry – are delivered well.

Although some of the shamanistic angles of the piece may be a little too ‘new age’ for some, the whole is a deliciously dark and intimate exploration of our relationship with the animal.

And as you find yourself encircled by a snarling group of feral beasts, or growled at seductively to become their prey, you will find yourself drawn into Authentic Artist’s vision – and perhaps even wanting to run with the pack yourself.

Ticket information is available from the Fringe website.
Review by Keith D

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