FRINGE REVIEW – Virtuous Flock (C Soco)


20 – 21 August
1320-1410, C Soco

Billy Barrett's Baron from Virtuous Flock

Billy Barrett's Baron from Virtuous Flock

Baron Winchester III’s exotic bird collection has flown their coop following his untimely death; the flock which remains is a rather less than virtuous gaggle of ladies, each with a malevolent motive for wishing the lord of the manor departed.

N10 Productions have created a rather unique production with Virtuous Flock: mixing Victorian melodrama, live music and more sexual innuendo than all the Carry On films combined, it romps along at a rip-roaring pace for its 50 minute length.

The youthful cast are obviously having fun with this, from a great to watch Emma Caller as the wanton Fanny Brown, to the upper-class twittery of Megan Markwick as the widowed Baroness. Billy Barret, who also wrote the piece, is camply over-the-top as the late Baron, seemingly possessed by the spirit of Kenneth Williams as he ooo-ers his way around the stage.

Virtuous Flock is filthy fun and horrific for all the right reasons. It’s not quite as great as its sum of its parts, though there are moments here where their schlock horror Russ Meyer meets Carry On Screaming production is hilariously enjoyable.

So, if you would like to see these talented young flockers before their climax on the 21st August, get yourself up to Studio 3 at C Soco for a bloody good time.

Ticket information is available on the Fringe website.

Review by Keith D

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