FRINGE REVIEW – Two Episodes of MASH (Pleasance Dome)


24 – 29 August
1420-1520, Pleasance Dome

Two Episodes of MASH

Two Episodes of MASH

When Joe Wilkinson holds up a placard heralding the arrival of ‘sketch #9’ ten minutes into Two Episodes of MASH’s show, you realise you’re in for another 50 minutes of fast-paced, well-played comedy from him and his co-star Diane Morgan.

With a heavy emphasis on absurd and awkward situations, the pair rip through their show, taking inspiration from fairytales, terrible parties and the theme tune to Grandstand.

Some sketches hit the mark better than others, but the sheer quantity of material on offer here more than makes up for that. Joe’s facial expressions and lovably uncomfortable stage presence is a perfect foil to Diane’s deadpan delivery, and they entertain throughout in a show that barely skips a beat until the end.

As an audience member takes pity on their ‘worst conga line ever’ and joins them onstage, the likability of Joe & Diane – and the appeal of their sometimes surreally brilliant material – is aptly demonstrated, and they are a short ten-foot pole away from being an essential act on the sketch-based comedy circuit.

Ticket information is available on the Pleasance website.

Review by Keith D

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