FRINGE REVIEW -Trapping(s)


6-14 Aug (not 8), 1705 (1750) @ TheSpace@Venue45

Created in conjunction with the award-winning Cait Davies, Trapping(s) promises to “explore with a touch of humour, mystery and fear the quirky world of the unknown”. Sounds intriguing, but as the show begins it turns out to be a fairly standard piece themed around youth, adolescent relationships, and passage from school into the adult world. One can only conclude the brochure was designed before the show was finished.
Unfortunately this discrepancy between description and reality colours the subsequent experience and it does not come out particularly well. The writing is competent if a bit unchallenging, but the young cast vary so much in ability that it is difficult not to be distracted by the weaker elements. And although this is billed as a dance and physical theatre piece, the movement of the performers ranges from graceful amateur to clumsy.
It is a short piece and would not be an unpleasant way to spend 45 minutes, but with so many performances vying for your Fringe pound, this simply does not deliver its own promising publicity.

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