FRINGE REVIEW – The Six-Sided Man, Zoo


7-29 Aug (not 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28),

1230 (1340) @ The Zoo

Six options which the player must be prepared to follow through on (to play properly, there must be some “losing” options). The die is cast, and the player must obey. It’s a premise which seems straightforward and yet, like the dice, opens the door to all sorts of possibilities to provoke and engage.
This piece of physical theatre is based on Luke Rhinehart’s cult classic novel, the Dice Man. It speaks incredibly well of this show that it comes with Rhinehart’s own stamp of approval. No need to have read the book to enjoy this, however, it is perfectly enjoyable in its own right.
A minimalist set of desk, chair and a few large frames, with a similarly small cast of just two players, Gavin Robertson (who co-created the original show) and Nicholas Collett. The acting is a cut above most of what you will see on the Fringe, and the physicality is superbly judged to contribute to the mood and narrative whilst still leaving room for more traditional dialogue-based theatre. As such, it is an extremely accessible production for those who may be a bit shy of physical theatre.
Fans of “The Dice Man” will love this, but those who are new to the tale may just fine themselves heading straight for the nearest book shop afterwards!

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