FRINGE REVIEW – The Not So Fatal Death of Grandpa Fredo, Vox Motus


Various times until 29th @ Traverse

By Emily P

Vox Motus are known for their enthusiastic embrace of inventive multi-media and production techniques. In this romp through the scenario of a young Norwegian trying to keep his grandfather cryogenically frozen despite the best efforts of the hic US town in which he resides, the Glasgow-based company manage to cram innumerable clever bits of business into one and a quarter hours.
Despite a sweet portrayal of the idealistic Fridtijof and some fantastic music intervals, this production is a classic case of script being upstaged by the props which should help present it. The ludicrously elaborate set and its pedantic manipulation effectively detracts from the lightweight storyline and yet succeeds in slowing the action down to a painful fouter. After about 40 minutes one cannot bear to see that shed manhandled like a shabby-chic Chockablock to create yet another superfluous bit of scenery.

The energetic cast do their best in what is mostly a hyper-real comic style but they cannot do more than amuse the youngsters in the audience with such limited material. The live-feed video work suffered from a second or so delay which rendered what had been a cute device irritating and ineffectual.
For those looking for a youthful piece of theatre-lite or who want to see just how much plywood can be bought for a Traverse-sized budget this is a fine choice of show. The comic songs and live music save what would otherwise be an almost embarrassingly misplaced confidence in style over substance.

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