FRINGE REVIEW – The Harbour, Zoo Pleasance


6-30 Aug (not 16,17, 24) 1645 (1735) @ The Zoo, Pleasance

By Danielle Farrow

Ingenious creation of sights and sounds – it is wonderful what can be done with wellington boots! – add a great charm to this selkie tale of a seaman capturing a sealwoman.

The Harbour includes comedy turns, reality checks, and intense relationships touching on issues of mixed marriages, and it is imaginatively delivered with music, humour and pathos by a talented cast.

There is the occasional overlong scene change, which is surprising given that most transitions are well handled, especially when the next scene is introduced within the current one, often vocally. Some clunky lines, mostly in narration, also disappoint, but the cast of three, plus one musician/singer, commit to their story and deliver it with style.
The Harbour is an imaginative telling of a popular traditional tale and entertains in thought-provoking manner.

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