FRINGE REVIEW – The Gay Geese, Up In The Gods


1720 until 30th August @ C Central

By Emily P

Matt and Sam are teenagers. Matt must tell Sam that he’s gay. His confidence fails but then he accidentally lets his secret slip anyway. After this the narrative focuses on Sam’s previous abandonment by his father which he deals with by arranging to meet said father. And really, that’s about it.
The acting is tentative and lacking in confidence – which is worrying to behold at this late stage in the run. The pace is numbingly slow – big gaps and drawn-out dialogue with the actors employing unconvincing pained grimaces in nearly every speech and bucket-loads of filler sighs. All of which is explained when the lights go up after only 40 minutes. It is a shame that in order to spin out the time great sacrifices have been made to the energy and clarity of the performances.
There was one nice idea in the three-way text conversation and for a moment when the character of Matt first directly addresses the audience the energy is lifted a notch above depressed.
But in short, there’s nothing here of any depth or humour; it all feels like a waste of one’s time – blessedly very little time.

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