FRINGE REVIEW -The Du-Rell Family


6-14 Aug, 2100 (2200) @ Zoo Southside

The audience are welcomed into the cabaret bar by the incongruous but immediately evocative night-time sound of chirping crickets. As the Durell family take to the stage, singer Lorelei informs us that we are in the trailer now and there’s no need to stand on ceremony so we might as well hit the bar. It’s a promising start.

Dressed in a motley array of denim, dungarees, t-shirts and baseball caps, the Durells certainly look the part. Sister Patty even plays the – admittedly rather customised – washboard. Between songs Lorelei spins tales of missing cheerleaders and the eligibility of guitarist Mr Dubois in a convincing drawl and with dry humour.

However something is amiss. These are not novelty songs written to amuse jaded festival goers. Rather they are finally crafted modern country ballads of murder, love and heartbreak, delivered by extremely talented performers. It would seem the Durell Family is merely cover for a very good little band indeed.

Zoo Southside’s cabaret bar is an intimate venue and this show deserves to be filling it. On a rainy and dreich Edinburgh night, why not warm up with a visit to the Deep South?

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