FRINGE REVIEW – The Dream of Sancho


8-14 Aug, 2150 (2305)     @ C

The venue for Creative VaQi’s “The Dream of Sancho” is a new outdoor space for C venues, and intimate it is not. A vast cobbled courtyard (bundle up!) with rows of seating, all with a clear view of the performance area.
Unfortunately the beginning of this show is performed amongst the audience, which means it can be difficult if not impossible to see what is happening. There is also one lengthy segment which the company have chosen to perform at one end of the audience, which means those of us at the other end of the seating area can see virtually nothing.
Consequently this show gets off to a very slow start if you are sitting in the wrong place. Luckily the action does eventually move to the front of the audience, and for the most part stays visible through the rest of the performance. And once it is easily visible, the magic begins.

A businessman lives a stereotypical life, full of little stresses and devoid of joy. But Sancho (inspired by the character in Don Quixote) visits him in a dream, things begin to change. The man is initially cynical, but as Sancho begins to work his magic on the world around him, no one can resist and soon the businessman falls under his spell, rediscovering the sensual pleasures and magic of life.

This largely nonverbal production relies on the physicality of its striking cast, and clever use of sound and projected images to create a visually stunning production. Already successful in Asia, this is Creative VaQi’s first European production and they are obviously enthusiastic to share their vision with Fringe audiences. Based on this performance, it’s safe to say they will be welcomed with open arms.

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