FRINGE REVIEW – The Butterfly Effect


18-21 Aug, times vary @ Augustine’s

If you have a limited time at the Fringe, the Butterfly Effect may offer the solution to your problems. A musical cabaret with elements of storytelling, dance, clowning, comedy, burlesque and visual art with a sprinkling of chaos theory, it is difficult to think of a box this show doesn’t tick.
There is always a danger of that old “jack of all trades, master of none” proverb holding sway. And this show is not without its rough edges – hardly a surprise when it features what must be some of the most complicated set-up on the Fringe and instruments that range from the more traditional drums, keyboard and accordion to a giant flute, skis, bicycle wheels, bottle organ, wine glasses and a particularly temperamental violin.
But with the talent of the musicians (look out for some unexpectedly virtuoso beat boxing!) as well as some irresistible performances from these obviously intelligent, amiable clowns, this show soon has the audience reduced to unseemly hoots and guffaws and grinning from ear to ear. And when the big finale fails to come off as planned, the only real disappointment is that this signals the end of what must be some of the most fun you can have in Edinburgh.
If you want to attend an event that embodies the very essence of the Fringe, then look no further. And if you are a hardened veteran who thinks you have seen all the Fringe has to offer, the Butterfly Effect may well change your mind. But get your skates on as it only runs until Saturday 21st.

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