FRINGE REVIEW – Tea Dance, Pleasance Dome


7-30 Aug (not 16, 23), 1830 (1930) @ Pleasance Dome

In the Palm Court, a couple are dancing. Her brocade skirts swirl across the cafe floor, the feathers in her hair sway gently, and her velvet-gloved hand rests on the shoulder of a dashing gent, resplendent in tails, cravat and spats.

No, this is not Fred and Ginger, they are Susan and Gary of Fly Right Dance Company and for the last seven years they have been bringing a touch of glamour to the centre of the Pleasance Dome with their daily tea dances.

Fly Right’s display is followed with a foxtrot lesson. There are scores of people lounging in the Palm Court and queueing for shows, so less confident dancers may feel a little self-conscious at first. However, Gary and Susan are excellent teachers, starting simply and building up gradually, and soon their pupils are so focussed on their steps that any self-consciousness is forgotten. There is a real sense of accomplishment when one masters a more complicated sequence of steps.

Halfway through, dancers break for a very civilised choice of cocktails and canapes – a welcome reward but also a chance to mingle with fellow pupils and Susan and Gary which is, of course, what a tea dance is all about! It’s also the perfect way to loosen people up to try out their new skills!

Tea dances are becoming a staple of the Edinburgh social scene and this is a fun and friendly introduction which is bound to improve your confidence on the dance floor, in fact you will be fairly itching to get out and show off your new moves!

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