FRINGE REVIEW – Singin’ I’m No A Billy He’s A Tim


7 – 30th August, 15.45 – 17.10 @ Assembly George Street

Lock up a Celtic fan with a Rangers fan on the day of the Old Firm match and what do you get? In NLP Theatre Company’s powerful comedy, written by Des Dillon, the answer is that there is indeed, “a lot more to football than football.”  
Die-hard Celtic fan Tim and Rangers-mad Billy get locked up in the same cell on the day of the Old Firm match.  Prison warder Harry’s personal crisis forces the pair to move beyond the usual expletives and insults and eventually becomes the catalyst for both fans’ need to find common ground, with the growing realisation that the pair are far more similar than the confines of their stereotypical macho roles allow them to be.
Funny and though-provoking, Dillon’s play highlights the nature of bigotry and sectarianism within the West of Scotland but also hints at wider themes of family, faith, racism and nationalism. The production is entertaining but sometimes the humour is too predictable and there is a sense that some of the interesting themes surrounding faith and identity in Scotland could perhaps have been explored further. 
The small, dark auditorium which surrounds the minimal set lends itself to the feeling of sharing the confined space of the cell as well as increasing the sense of intimacy with the three actors: Scott Kyle, Colin Little and Alex Donald, all of whom give excellent performances.
No Limit People Theatre Company was founded in 2005 by Scott Kyle with the intention of making a positive contribution to the arts in Scotland.  Since its debut in 2008, over 70% of the people who attended this play had never been to the theatre before. Such impressive aims and the authenticity of the subject matter make for convincing reasons to go and see the show.

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