FRINGE REVIEW -Shipwrecked, The Amazing Adventures of Louis de Rougemont as told by Himself


10-14 August 14:15 (15:45) @ Quaker Meeting House

By the Edinburgh Spotlight family review team

Take yourself back to a time when you were tucked up in bed, all cosy and with your tummy warm from the hot chocolate you have drunk.  Then open your ears and listen as a tale unfolds – a tale of a poor boy, leaving home and going on adventures on the high seas, leaving London in the 1860s on a sailing ship bound for Australia to hunt for pearls.  Use your imagination as he encounters strange sights and sounds, makes friends with the ship’s dog and shucks oysters looking for the pearls which will bring riches.

Syracuse University Drama brings the Pulitzer-Prize winning Americal playwright Donald Margulies’ tale of Louis de Rougemont to life, using simple theatrical techniques to great effect and keeping the audience enthralled throughout. 

The story unfolds in 10 chapters, with a different actor/actress taking the part of Louis de Rougemont in each chapter, but that’s easy to follow as the costume is passed from one to another to keep the continuity going. 

Of course, as you’ve guessed from the title, disaster strikes and Louis is Shipwrecked on an island with only the ship’s dog for company until some Aborigines who are also lost are washed up too.

Louis de Rougemont’s story is an intriguing one.  Searching the tale out on Google after the show shows that the central character was a real person, but you’ll have to see the show to find out what happened to him.  “Truth is stranger than fiction, but de Rougemont is stranger than both.” (Wide World Magazine, May 1899)

We’d thoroughly recommend this show – it deserves to be a sell-out.  Suitable for all ages, probably from around the age of 6 and up as it’s a sad tale in parts.

Comments by Alex (8):  The story was very exciting, and a bit sad. 
Susan (Adult Reviewer): Prepare to be entranced.  This is an excellently written story which can be enjoyed by all ages.

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