FRINGE REVIEW – S1L3NC3: Mind Reader


6 – 14 Aug (not 8, 13) and Aug 20, 21   2210 (2300)  @ Spaces Surgeon’s Hall

As we enter the venue, a sign states “S1L3NC3 Mind Reader contains scenes of self-harm”.  The man himself, known only as S is sitting in the room, facing the wall.  The nerves of the audience are being tested by the atmospheric music and safety warnings.  As the lights are dimmed, an audience member is heard saying “Oh my god, I’m terrified”.

No spoilers in this review –  but the 50 minutes that followed need to be seen to be believed.

The entire performance is conducted by gestures, flip-pads and whispers into the  volunteer’s ears.  Audience members are selected at first by process of elimination and subsequently pointed at and requested on stage.  Everyone is strangely willing to help out – even in his self-harm routines.

The music continues throughout the performance and it was a refreshing change to similar performers, who put comedy touch to their mind-reading act.  There is nothing to laugh at here, as S puts things in his mouth your mother would not approve of.  There are clever tricks using the power of the mind, guessing words and objects people have chosen and written down.

There are 10 ‘parts’  for you to be amazed at and wonder how on earth he’s done it.  S leaves the stage without announcing that it’s the end of the show, but all of the audience members leave discussing what they had just witnessed.

Amazing, unique and engaging.

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