FRINGE REVIEW – Robin Ince and Michael Legge, Pointless Anger, Righteous Ire


7-18 Aug, 1400 (1500) @ GRV

Robin Ince and Michael Legge are two  very angry men – and they are keen to prove that anger can be a useful emotion if properly directed. Hence, this show opens with a segment where audience members are asked to share what they are feeling angry about. Ince and Legge do a wee bit of improvised ranting about these things, then ask the audience to vote on whether this is pointless anger or righteous ire.
The problem with this type of interactive comedy is that it is dependent in part on what suggestions the audience supply, and at this performances there is not much inspiration. Both men are seasoned comics who seem comfortable enough with a slightly shambolic approach to their show and are funny despite a rather unimaginative audience.
However the show gets much better once Ince and Legge begin to go off-piste. Whether their own pet hates qualify as righteous or pointless is beside the point, their anger is justified because they offer it for our amusement.
The format of this show means it is a slightly hit or miss approach and the nature of these comedians means it will not be to everyone’s tastes – and it seems the two men are okay with that. But if you like your humour in the form of an intelligent and slightly chaotic rant, then this is well worth a punt.

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