6-30 (not 12, 13, 17, 24) Aug 1620 (1715) @ Zoo Southside

The programme for ROAM tells the audience “ROAM is abstract, not meant to be read but experienced”. It is liberating to be released from worrying about the narrative structure of a dance piece and frees the audience to simply enjoy the movement.

And what movement it is! A cast of three female and two male dancers emerge to dramatic light effects, falling and tumbling across the stage in a riot of movement that ranges from animalistic crouches to energetic flailing to balletic grace to more awkward, limping movements. Every part of this symphony is executed with fluidity and precision.

The soundtrack is also abstract – an impressionistic, percussive composition of sounds which hint variously at machines, car horns, rain, a beating heart, traffic noise, ringing bells and more. The movements are beautifully matched to the music and the dancers move between solo, duet and group pieces seamlessly.

It may all prove a bit much for those who prefer a strong narrative or something more traditional, but for those willing to switch off their minds and just feel for an hour, ROAM should prove to be a powerful experience.

By Ingrida Dornbrook