FRINGE REVIEW – REVIEW: Indefinite Articles, Pinocchio (Zoo Roxy)


8-24 August 10:20 (11:20)  @ Zoo Roxy

The traditional tale of the old Carpenter Geppetto, and a talking block of wood brought to life as the puppet Pinocchio who wants nothing more than to be a real boy

The actor who plays Geppetto is like a father lovingly bringing his boy into the world.

On entering the theatre we heard lovely clarinet music and saw the stage set as a simple workshop which underwent almost magical transformations as the story unfolded.

We really liked the way the everyday items changed in our imaginations as the storyteller wove the tale. A wooden stump talked and became a puppet with the addition of some surprising objects. A chair turned into a tree!

The use of lights and shadows showed us Pinocchio’s journey, and we were transported to the bottom of the sea and eaten by a whale (gasp!)

The changes between traditional puppetry and shadow play provided variety and made for a most entertaining show.

This show is suitable for younger children up to age 10.

On the morning when we reviewed the show, the audience was small, but hopefully many more people will come along to hear the tale. It’s a perfect way to introduce younger children from say 3 or 4 to the magic of theatre and imagination. The venue is painted black, so the lights onstage are welcoming for younger theatre goers who might not like it to be too dark.

A good show, exactly as billed.

Alex (aged 8 ) said “I liked the bit where the shadows showed the ship sinking and Pinocchio got eaten by the whale”

Susan (adult reviewer) said “I thought Geppetto had a lovely way of interacting with the young children in the audience, and responding with humour to their participation.”

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