FRINGE REVIEW – REVIEW Diary of A Sentimental Killer, Teatro Dei Borgia


1400 (1500) until 30th @ Pleasance

By Emily P

Diary of a Sentimental Killer is a one man show which tells the tale of a professional and successful hit-man and his last assignment. Very soon we are on board with our protagonist as he leads us from Paris to Mexico via Istanbul on his troubled final journey as a killer for hire. The story has been translated for the stage from the novel by Chilean writer Luis Sepúlveda. Performed by the actor/director of the original Italian show, Gianpiero Borgia this has the feel of some of our favourite contemporary latin cinema.

As far as an hour’s worth of one man talking on a bare stage, this show does extremely well to engage its audience the whole time. Not just because the film-like narrative is suspenseful fun but because the performance is so charming. Dressed in black and with regular place and endearingly halting Italian-English Borgia manages to be both attractively menacing whilst revealing a more sympathetic vulnerability – the prefect mix for an assassin-hero.

This is a very enjoyable hour of storytelling with a very charismatic teller: one Sentimental and appealing Killer.

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