FRINGE REVIEW – Piramania! The Swashbuckling Pirate Musical, C


4-30 Aug (even dates only) 2030 (2155) @ C, Chambers Street

By Danielle Farrow

If you like a rollicking romp on the high seas, with all the traditions and clichés of musicals and pirate tales, then Piramania is a swashbuckling treat for you.
Aboard The Maiden’s Ruin there are caricatures and accents aplenty, gender-bending antics, bawdry and – of course – treasure-seekers. There are secrets, devious plottings, and a whole host of comedy moments. A young man joins the crew, pursued by his too-loving sister, and – surprise, surprise – has a destiny somehow connected to the sought-after treasure.
A narrator – who wouldn’t be out of place in The Rocky Horror Show – helps the plot along, covering scene changes with plenty of self-aware wit and topical references. There are some fine voices on display, though a lot of lyrics are lost in company numbers, and everyone performs with great piratical gusto, accompanied by a visible keyboard player. The staging is accomplished mostly with versatile boxes, and the scene setting is well-directed and clear. There is plenty of fine comic timing, but the drive of the somewhat thin plot is not always as forward-moving as it could be, making the whole seem a bit longer than needs be.
This is a fine production, though, with silly humour, some clever wit, rousing songs, fun dances, and great characters played with commitment and style. Piramania is not for those of a fairly serious disposition, but if you love daft fun when buckling your swash, you could well become a Piramaniac!

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