FRINGE REVIEW – Pas Perdus, Zoo


6-30 Aug (not 23, 24), 1420 (1530) @ Zoo Southside

The lights go up on a stark set of five upright wooden panels as a hypnotic voiceover urges us to be “caaaaaaaaaaaaaaalm”. Gradually, to the ticking of a clock, four clowns emerge from this most minimal of sets and begin to play.
With only a few basic props – the aforementioned panels, some sticks, wooden blocks, a ball, and some musical instruments – the characters juggle, balance, make music, are hurt, frightened, and healed and work together to create something much more than the sum of its parts.
There are some particularly interesting set pieces here – the violin duet is a real standout. This company specialise in combining music with clowning in innovative and entertaining ways, and the circus tricks are performed with such understatement that one can almost forget just how skilled these performers are.

There is no dialogue to speak of, no flashy lighting or sound effects, just a skilled company confident in the work they have created – a refreshing change from the norm.

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