8-28 Aug (not 16) 1620 (1720)    @     GRV / Five Pound Fringe

Oompah Brass return to the Edinburgh Fringe with their take on an amazing range of musical genres – Oompah style.   It’s impossible to leave this show without feeling good  and a smile upon your face. 

The  five-piece ensemble, dressed in lederhosen, open their show with a rendition of an 80s pop classic, which becomes recognisable after a few bars.  In between songs, it’s explained by band members Nathan and Patrick that they will be going through the A-Z of Oompah in an attempt to explain themselves.  These spoken introductions would sit well in a stand-up comedy routine, the quality was so impressive.  Although there were a few howlers told, they fell into a so-bad-they’re-good category.

Other band members, Mark, Lucy and Sam also take a solo spot in a few songs and all together,  they create an amazing stage energy and sense of fun, that has you wanting to push your seat aside and dance!

Where else could you hear a brass ensemble play soul, heavy metal, classical and love songs at warp-speed within the same show?  Oompah Brass play around 16 songs, most of which are abbreviated versions so the attention of those watching is not lost.  Particular highlights were the Britney Spears and Ozzy Osbourne numbers (and it’s not often you can say those two names in the same review).

Oompah Brass are crowd-pleasing geniuses.  A must-see  for Fringe 2010.

Extra Information

Tickets for Oompah Brass are selling fast, with some dates already sold out.  Grab one whilst you can at the bargain price of £5 and get a little Oompah in your life.

You can visit their website at Oompah Brass and also buy copies of their excellent CD at the venue for £10.

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