FRINGE REVIEW – Not What I Had in Mind, Dancebase


11-22 Aug, times vary @ Dance Base

The “wild young man of British dance” Robin Dingemans developed this show through one-to-one studio sessions with 28 individuals, most of whom had no links to dance. Thus it is probably appropriate that it is a wee bit chaotic, a wee bit unpredictable, and very schizophrenic.
Despite some nods to more classical works, this piece is relentlessly modern, complete with a sparse soundtrack performed live by sound designer Manuel Pinheiro. Dingemans has made it largely accessible through his use of projected text and indeed regular informal explanations to the audience about how the show was developed. There are also some unexpectedly humorous bits scattered throughout (particularly the projected list of “don’t”s for a dance piece).

It is not an unqualified success – it seems repetitive towards the end and a bit overlong (not helped by the hot and airless venue) and some of the segments may prove a bit too challenging to those who are cynical about modern dance.

However, the clever decision to make the “nuts and bolts” of the development part of the piece means this is also a decent “gateway” for audience who may be interested in dance but are usually intimidated.

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