FRINGE REVIEW – New Art Club – Big Bag of Boom (Assembly @ George Street)


18 – 29 August
1915-2015, Assembly @ George Street

New Art Club

New Art Club

It starts, appropriately enough, with a big boom. Then, “stand-up dance” duo Tom Roden and Pete Shenton appear, earnestly explaining that we are about to be treated to a greatest hits show from their extensive ouvre of contemporary dance with a twist.

Fear not, however. This is no pretentious hour of bodily interpretations of trees. Instead, New Art Club create 60 minutes of the most inventively surreal and ludicrously enjoyable comedy on the Fringe.

From the outset, they set the tone by encouraging us to close our eyes when instructed, then open them again when they tell us to. Those playing along – and we strongly encourage that you do – are then treated to a series of living tableaux of two grown men striking poses in blue skin-tight leotards. Next to a greek urn.

The comedy comes both from the mock pretentiousness and seriousness with which the duo take themselves, as well as some fantastic facial expressions and – as you would expect from trained choreographers – perfect timing.

And it gets more lunatic – and more inspired – as the show progresses. By the end, you are left wanting more, such as the tantalising glimpses of routines such as Stupid Horses and Various Monsters we are treated to.

Some – if not all – of this is next to impossible to describe in words, meaning you really do owe it to yourself to see what’s inside New Art Club’s Big Bag Of Boom for yourself.


Ticket information is available from the Assembly website.

Review by Keith D

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