FRINGE REVIEW – My Hamlet with Linda Marlowe (Assembly @ George Street)


17 – 29 August (not 24)
1720-1835, Assembly @ George Street

Although Linda Marlowe speaks every line during My Hamlet, it would be wrong to call it a one-woman show.

After a brief (and, it has to be said, rather unnecessary) introduction where Marlowe portrays an immigrant worker at a theatre, the remainder of the piece sees her perform a word-perfect version of Hamlet, accompanied by some beautifully haunting and remarkably effective puppets.

Fingers Theatre, a company from Georgia, use their marionettes to play the supporting characters next to Marlowe’s Danish prince, yet – as previously mentioned – she voices all the parts herself. Her delivery ranges from meticulously precise and measured, in the part of Hamlet himself; to brashly comedic when portraying characters such as Laertes. Of course, as the supporting cast are puppets, this suits the style of the piece well.

Marlowe is a joy to watch, with a performance that is arresting throughout. Fingers Theatre also create some magical moments of puppet-craft, and the whole production gels together well in an original staging of the tragedy performed by one of theatre’s true greats.

Ticket information is available on the Assembly website.

Review by Keith D

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