FRINGE REVIEW – My Dearest Byron, C


6-30 Aug (not 13-22), 2035 (2150) @ C Venues

Lord Byron was famously “mad, bad and dangerous to know” – as exemplified by his notorious affair with his half-sister, the subject of this play. But he is also a larger than life character who takes a great deal of confidence and charisma to portray.

Luckily the leads here are both excellent actors, and Byron in particular is portrayed as a wonderfully affected, highly camp anti-hero who is charming and infuriating in almost equal measure. His ever patient half-sister Augusta is here playful, sweet, virtuous – and above all devoted to her “Georgie”.
This new play is a sexy, sympathetic portrayal of a scandalous relationship based on correspondence between the two lovers. Byron’s poetry is woven neatly into the dialogue, and there are also some great physical sequences – most notably two dance pieces which use the same moves to convey utterly different emotions. There is also some clever (and non-invasive!) use of the audience to create atmosphere.
Some interesting theatrical technique here and a fascinatingly human portrayal of a legendary man.

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