FRINGE REVIEW – Musical, Zoo Southside


15-21 Aug, 1230 (1320) @ Zoo Southside

Should anyone fail to properly read their Fringe programme properly and come to this show expecting a musical in a more traditional sense, they are likely to get quite a surprise! This is a rather more experimental piece exploring the relationship between movement and sound.
Initially the set is bare but for a silver curtain. Gradually, four dancers emerge with a range of ad hoc instruments ranging from tap shoes to metal trays and tables. They begin to experiment with sound and movement and how one affects the other.
Highlights include a sheet of metallic silver fabric which appears to dance and move all by itself, and a segment where noisy toys become part of the dance. This latter is when the show really comes alive and hints at the sense of playfulness which could pervade the piece. Unfortunately the stylistic decision to dress the dancers in simple black and maintain solemn expressions throughout means it can feel a little self-indulgent in slower segments.

The dancers, choreography and sound experiments are all excellent, but the show would benefit from a bit less solemnity and a little more joy.

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