FRINGE REVIEW – Me! Me! Me! @Ghillie Dhu


4-26 Aug, 1330 (1430) @ Pleasance at Ghillie Dhu

Blond Ambition Events have brought together three of the UK’s finest performers of musical comedy for Me! Me! Me!, a cabaret themed around the ego of the performer, insecurity and the need to be loved.
Des o’Connor is a staple of UK burlesque and cabaret and as such many of his songs may be familiar. However, they are given an added dimension here with support – both musical and theatrical – from his fellow performers. o’Connor is himself at the top of his game, camping it up for his audience and obviously loving every moment of the show.
Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer is something of an internet phenomenon, known largely for his chap-hop reworkings of rap standards. For this show he performs all original material, lampooning the idea of celebrity and how we perceive our public figures (as well as one song lambasting a very well deserving public figure).
Perhaps less familiar is the ridiculously talented Sarah-Louise Young. Elegant and cool in a long velvet dress and short tidy hair, she opens her mouth to release a stream of filth and bile, all delivered with the greatest wit and the voice of an angel.
It is clear there is a strong rapport between these three performers. Their onstage banter and teasing makes the audience feel like they are in on a very funny private joke. All three have very different styles and yet together they enhance each other’s acts to perfection.
The large auditorium at the Ghillie Dhu hosted only a handful of people for this performance which is a real shame, three performers this professional deserve to be playing to a packed house. However the fact that the applause sounded like it came from a roomful of people is a perfect tribute to the calibre of entertainment on offer here.

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