FRINGE REVIEW – Matt Tiller’s Awkward Situation


By the end of musical comedian Matt Tiller’s series of Awkward Situations, you feel like you’d be welcome to pop round his home (or his parents’ guest house) for a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Such is his likeable charm and personable style, which starts as soon as he greets everyone personally walking into the small room at Just The Tonic @ The Caves. Matt then picks up his guitar and strums his way through a collection of amusing songs highlighting those moments in life when you wish you could crawl under the nearest stone.

So, we get songs about disastrous first kisses where false teeth go awol (“the only time I’ve been glad I met a girl who didn’t swallow”); disturbing hitch-hiking tales of lecherous French lorrydrivers (translated from Matt’s original French by an audience member); and a throwaway series of musical one-liners entitled “Things you shouldn’t say after sex”.

With floppy hair, glasses and a big grin, Matt has a nerdishly appealing persona that has the audience warming to him quickly. Some of his material hits the mark better than others, but his (mostly) gentle comedy and musical talent is an enjoyable way to spend an hour cringing at someone else’s misfortunes.

Besides, if you don’t applaud, his ex-commando father may come round and kill you…

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