FRINGE REVIEW – Mark Watson, Do I Know You?


Until 30th Aug (not 16th)  2230 (2330)  @ Assembly Hall

The cheerful self-proclaimed fast talker is back in Edinburgh with his new comedy show “Do I Know You?”.  Mark Watson has become a household face in the past few years through his appearances on programmes such as “Mock the Week”, “Never Mind the Buzzcocks” as well as his participation in the advert of a certain pear cider.  The title for his new show is borne out of the public’s reaction to the cheeky Welshman as he says “people are always asking…do I know you?”.
Watson begins by bantering with the audience through his laptop which is transferred to the big screen.  Although a commonly used comedy tool these days, this still works effectively to keep the waiting audience amused.  A fifteen minute late start becomes inevitable and as the stragglers appear Mark suggests a practical joke to play on any further latecomers, which the audience greatly oblige.
He covers several themes, telling anecdotes from his personal history, many in relation to our views and interactions with people we either know or don’t know.  These range from random train conversations or the lack of, to tales about a past school teacher, all in fast talking and cheeky Watson style.  One particular experiment with the audience provided a clear psychological evaluation of the differences between male and female emotional responses to a dilemma.
As the Welshman says he provides great value for money by fitting so many gags into the hour slot.  The audience is kept in a constant state of hysteria as this fast talker is certainly not wrong in his judgment.

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