FRINGE REVIEW – Maria Tecce: Strapless (Assembly @ George Street)


15 – 29 Aug (not 16 or 23)
1840-1935, Assembly @ George Street

US singer Maria Tecce’s voice fills the intimate setting of the Assembly’s Supper Hall in this impressive collection of songs about love and seduction.

At first treading a similar path to Camille, with numbers such as Whatever Lola Wants, Maria then confidently strides off in her own direction by including some hot and passionate Spanish songs in her varied and enjoyable set.

Appropriately, the venue’s seating is set out in cabaret style, and Maria takes full advantage of this during some songs, where she leaves the stage to recline alluringly on the round tables, involving some audience members in her performance.

Backed by a three-piece live band, she truly shines when the songs are filled with as much intensity and fire as her eyes, as she inhabits another role as a Spanish femme fatale, strong and defiant in her singing and presence.

Maria herself plays guitar on one number, and – in another highlight – accompanies herself on the piano during a moving cover of Led Zeppelin’s Thank You.

Though the set is short, it does leave the audience wanting more – a sure-fire sign that Maria Tecce is a voice to listen out for in the future.

Ticket information is available from the Assembly website.

Review by Keith D

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