FRINGE REVIEW – Lulu, Zoo Roxy


6-30 Aug (not 13, 24), 2235 (2335) @ Zoo Roxy

On paper this sounds fantastic: Wedekind’s seminal sex tragedy set in a Weimar cabaret, complete with live music, stunning costumes, toy theatre set, and circus skills from cabaret star Marawa the Amazing in the central role.

On arrival, this certainly looks the part. It is visually stunning and one is instantly transported to 1930s Berlin. Marawa’s Lulu is immediately engaging and she pouts and poses in a giant gilt frame, and soon reappears to show off some of the tricks that have made her famous on the cabaret circuit.

However, unfortunately this standard does not continue. Marawa’s circus skills are sadly underutilised and charismatic though she may be, she is not an actress – a fact which sadly holds true for several other cast members. There is also a major technical issue in that the live music often drowns out the sound of the dialogue (and, in some cases, the singer)

This was the first night of this show and hopefully they will get these issues ironed out. This must be one of the most aesthetically pleasing productions on the fringe, but it would be nice to see the visuals backed up with a stronger show.

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