FRINGE REVIEW – Laurielorry Theatre Company – Sausage and Samosa (Zoo Roxy)


23 – 30 August
1245-1345, Zoo Roxy

By the McNaughton family review team

In our assignments as Junior Reviewers for Edinburgh Spotlight, we have been focusing on a clutch of shows billed as ‘suitable for children’ but as one of our junior reviewers is 12, she was beginning to flag a little at the prospect of another children’s show, so asked to see if we would be allowed to review Sausage and Samosa. The bright yellow poster and the promise of a show where ‘Ready Steady Cook meets Blind Date in true Bollywood style’ were what persuaded her that this might be a show she’d like to see as she’s a big fan of cooking and movies such as ‘Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging’, so thought that a comedy looking at dating and cooking might be fun.

We’ve already visited the Loft at Zoo Roxy a few times, so knew that no matter where we sat in the audience we would have a good view of the stage – a big plus as some of the venues we’ve visited are not as fortunate. The stage was set with a simple structure effectively draped with lovely fabrics and lighting to create an Indian effect, and the use of clever stage lighting helped to enhance this.

We were treated to some exotic Bollywood style dancing before the solo performer, ‘Eve’ as she now wanted to be known, explained her journey to this point in her life and the various boys and men she had encountered on the way. A humorous tale woven through the (mostly low) points of her explorations of the psyche of the opposite sex.

It’s quite a journey. Involving visits to Mystic Maud for love advice; a life coach who gives her a list of places to meet eligible men, and some family criticism driving Eve to the point of exploring the world of Internet dating and even advertising on her own web page ( in her efforts to find Mr Right.

The weaving of the story does leave one or two questions unanswered in our minds. We weren’t quite sure what relevance either the Sausages or the Samosas had to the tale – there’s talk of Eve working in a factory preparing food for M&S, but that’s about as close as we get to cooking or food in the tale. And it’s not totally clear (apart from some hideous encounters with unsuitable men) why Eve opts for Indian men as her chosen ones. The device of voting for Mr Right from the Internet dating choices doesn’t quite work, but does leave some room for the audience to join in the performance. In all, we felt that the show was good fun and the acting convincing, but that the writing needed a little more editing to live up to the title and the promise of the fliers. A good fun show, ideal for groups of girls to attend together and certainly nothing that our adult reviewer felt uncomfortable about her soon-to-be-teenager seeing.

Added comments by Helen (12): It was interesting but it didn’t have anything to do with cooking, so I was little confused.

Ticket information is available on the Fringe website.

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