FRINGE REVIEW – Laundry of Life Pegged on the Line (C Aquila)


5-30 Aug (not 17)
1905 (2005) @ C aquila, Johnston Terrace

Review by Danielle Farrow

Dee Mardi presents her laundry for our entertainment, soaked in philosophical and social musings, and conditioned with song. It is the song that lifts this somewhat disjointed mixed load of anecdotes, accents and addresses to the audience.

There are interesting ideas here, but in current form they belong on page rather than stage, being over-written and delivered with such rapidity and lack of connection that words and points are lost. Recorded sections fare better, when not suffering from technical difficulties, because they are not rushed, and here Mardi’s talent with words can be heard – for her writing does have merit in ideas and phrasing. It now needs editing and truth: the kind of depth and connection Mardi seems able to bring to her singing, where she creates moving moments, accompanied and well-supported by musician Dan Roland. Yet, the same emotional journey through one song is repeated in most of the others, rather than varied, so that it becomes more a show of technique and is once more over-egging the pudding – or over-conditioning the load.

Apparently this is a reduced version of the show, so perhaps the performance is rushed to avoid more drastic cuts, but cuts would actually be beneficial, particularly of some contrived book-read pieces and a painfully delivered skit involving audience participation.

The songs and the writing that is allowed to shine through make this a show with potential, but Ms Mardi really needs a strict outside eye to help her with editing her material, and also a real connection to her audience rather than relying on a somewhat fake-feeling persona.

Ticket information is available on the Fringe website.

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