FRINGE REVIEW – Julien Cottereau: Imagine-toi (Assembly)


Julien Cottereau

Julien Cottereau

After two or three minutes, you’ll find yourself believing Julien Cottereau really does have an invisible squeaky ball; that he is joined on stage by a dog only he can see; and that all the sounds we can hear are coming from these and other imaginary objects – and not from this childishly charming and amusing clown.

The sound effects are what elevates Cottereau’s show above mere mime – his vocal skills are excellent, particularly when he uses them to make us think they are coming from the audience members who he charms onto the stage throughout his hour-long performance.

His non-stop mime antics rely on the audience filling in visual blanks, and sometimes subtleties in his performance can be hard to catch and interpret, especially for children.

However, Imagine-Toi is most certainly an enjoyable and family-friendly show, and it captivated children and adults alike in the audience – even those persuaded to join in Cottereau’s charming clowning up on the stage of the Assembly’s tent in Princes Street Gardens.

6 – 29 Aug (not 9, 16 or 23)
1615-1715, Assembly @ Princes St Gardens

Ticket information is available on the Assembly website.

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