FRINGE REVIEW – Josie Long: Be Honourable!


5-29 Aug (not 17, 22, 23), 1940 (2050) @ Just the Tonic at the Caves

Josie Long did not come to the Fringe last year. Instead, she went on a diet. She claims that this changed her personality and indeed it is true that it is a slightly different woman we see onstage tonight.

Josie’s trademark enthusiasm still bubbles over for some segments (most notably her tribute to a photographer whose work she has stumbled across on Flickr) and welcomes the audience at the door with small booklets she has made, but she also rants about the Tories and even seems to have met some people she doesn’t like since her last Fringe!

One of the most unusual things about Josie Long  is her inherent joy which has been, in its own way, as groundbreaking as any comedian on the Fringe. It seems this year she is just a trifle more world-weary, and therefore a tiny step closer to joining the cynical ranks of her colleagues. Here’s hoping she manages to retain that childish exuberance as well as remaining one of the funniest comedians on the Fringe.

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