FRINGE REVIEW – Joey Page’s Marvellous Human Museum


12 – 29 August (not 17) 2055 (2155) @ Just The Tonic Caves

Joey Page is an instantly likable chap from Bromley who isn’t dressed like a stereotypically stand-up comedian.  Kitted out in snakeskin leggings and a trilby hat, he aims not to talk about subject matter that comedians normally cover.

Reminiscent of Rhod Gilbert and Mark Watson’s babbling style and barely stopping for breath  – Joey causes the crowd to instantly warm to him.  Deviating off into tangents about all manner of things, he insists he’s about to start the show, some 25 minutes into the hour.

We learn about his trips to Centre Parcs and the subsequent visits from an Uncle-Ben look a like bailiff and what he’d like  to do with a bag for life.  Joey introduces two surreal sketches involving talking pens and tea-bags which make for a refreshingly original and funny section of his routine.

Random props are given out to the audience and his banter with them is friendly.  Joey handled a front row of young cackling girls with patience, where most other comedians would rip the attention-seeking youngsters to shreds.

With five minutes left, Joey decides to ‘start’ the show and talks about archaeologists and a dinosaur that changes their name by de-poll. which demonstrates that the hour was indeed cleverly crafted together.

There is no specific theme or message that Joey is tyring to get across, but the audience continually laughed throughout this general feel-good show.  Well worth an hour of your Fringe time.

NB – This show states that it is for universal ages but the show contains some swear words.

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