FRINGE REVIEW – Joe Lycett & Andrew Ryan: An Hour of Humour (PBH Free Fringe @ The White Horse)


August 27 – 30
1715 – 1815, The White Horse

Give or take the odd minute or two, this free show from young stand-ups Andrew Ryan and Joe Lycett does what it says on the tin. With each comic having a solo 25-30 minute slot, An Hour of Humour is a great opportunity to see two rising comedy stars for the price of none.

First up is Andrew Ryan, a comic from Cork who’s only been in the game for two years. With boyish charm and great delivery, he speeds through a routine covering why Irish people really are foreigners; how moving in with his girlfriend’s not the same as sharing a flat with his mates (“Liam’s got an Xbox. And you’ve got mental problems“); and – in his standout segment – an increasingly bitter and hilarious rant on the Royal Bank Of Scotland’s customer service skills.

He also highlights his undisputed resemblance to Ardal O’Hanlon (further reinforced by way of a great facial impression of Father Dougal) – ensuring he makes fun of that fact before anyone else does. When he leaves the corner of the small, packed-out back room of The White Horse, he’s won over and entertained the crowd and looks set to continue his rise through the comedy ranks.

The wonderfully eccentric young English gentleman Joe Lycett then takes over, regaling us with his observational musings on all things ridiculous. His style is original, playing on his middle-class foppery whilst winning us over with his self-deprecating humour.

In his half-hour of humour, Joe ridicules such topics as customer reviews on Amazon; unexpected mother-bothering advert breaks in Spotify and also recites an extremely funny self-penned poem, containing all possible rhymes for the word ‘synonym’ (including at least one you would never come up with yourself…)

Although the format ensures we’re probably hearing their best material, both boys could easily carry a full show on their own, and their comedy new voices are a refreshing change from those you may have heard too often before.

So if you’re after some genuinely funny stand-up from two emerging talents, you should head to The White Horse and catch Joe and Andrew’s humourous hour (though get there early to make sure you don’t end up being turned away from the packed venue).

Ticket information is available on the Fringe website.

Review by Keith D

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