FRINGE REVIEW – Jennifer Coolidge, Yours for the Night


5 – 29 Aug (not 16, 24) 2015 (2115) @ Assembly George Street

By Danielle Farrow

When Jennifer Coolidge is Yours for the Night, you do have to share her – but you still have a good time. Though she didn’t fill the full hour in the somewhat stuffy venue, ‘Stiffler’s Mom’ made sure the audience enjoyed themselves, some to belly-aching degree.
The ‘big ones’ – American Pie, Legally Blonde films, Best in Show – were dealt with early and, despite the possible pitfall of cliché, in an engaging manner. These developed into anecdotes and impersonations centred on living in LA and being in the movie business. More personal matters followed – and the lady is not afraid of being very personal – with fun both scatological and strudelicious.
This is not quite laugh-a-minute stuff, but it is amusing entertainment from someone comfortable trying out different approaches, who relates well to her audience and is, above all, very likeable. That latter term might sound like mild praise, but is in fact a very fine compliment from this particular reviewer.
If you like to spend a relaxed, occasionally surprising and generally good fun evening in the company of an engaging lady – who is very happily not always a lady – making Jennifer Coolidge yours for the night is a grand idea.

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